On this server, the KTBL is currently constructing web services, that allow for automatic retrieval of KTBL data to integrate them in arbitrary software application on desktop PCs, in the web browser or on smart phones and tablets. Providing calculation services is planned for a later stage. The service uses a set of internet interface standards commonly associated with Semantic Web and Linked Data. In parallel to the possibilities of machine-readable access, user interfaces are developed.

What is Linked Open Data?

The vision behind Linked Open Data is the assembly of a global network of data services, that can be navigated automatically by machines like desktop PCs, smart phones or server based applications to be able to answer factual issues of users. Regarding KTBL's data, such questions may be:

  • What are the purchase prices and repair costs of machines commonly used for grassland hay harvest?
  • What may be a sensible machinery equipment for production of malting barley?
  • Which machinery costs do I have to take into account if I want to change my complete equipment to a wider working width on the long run?

The more organisations take part in this global data network and the more the linked open data infrastructure will be expanded, it will in the future be possible to also find answers to questions, that require to pull together data from different sources. Currently - among others - the Agricultural Information Management Standards group of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is also providing linked data services for the agricultural sector. Further systems touch on related subject matters like e. g. geospatial data or data regarding biology and taxonomies.

To enable linked data, first and foremost, a mechanism to link data and services across systems as well as standardized ways for requesting data are required. Additionally, data contained within a service have to be described in a way that allows for automated interpretation of the description as well as the data itself. For these purposes, the World Wide Web Konsortium has edited a set of specifications and recommendations that have been implemented by KTBL in this service.

How can I use the service?

For software developers, we provide a description of the most important specifications of the application programming interface here. The vocabulary describing different data fields is available here.